In the making…

In the making…

For nearly 15 years, I’ve been refining my recipes to develop outstanding products using the best ingredients. I mainly use Quebec fruits, preferably organic or wild. The addition of lemon enhances the flavour of the fruit while the acidity assists preservation.

My jams, jellies and spreads are produced in the traditional old-fashioned way, delicately prepared, and on a small scale, no more than four kilos at a time. This method permits rapid evaporation of the water contained in the fruit. Since the aromatics of the fruit are very volatile, prolonged cooking destroys what we wish to savour in a delectable jam – the sensational taste of summer.

All my products are my own creations and I continuously explore flavour combinations that accentuate the dominant fruit. My prime source of inspiration is the sheer luxuriance of nature, with all its fragrances, scents and aromas.

I’m delighted to offer you my creations, lovingly nurtured to highlight their woody, fruity and spicy flavours, and to enchant your palate.

Simon Turcotte